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FEEL-Teacher - A Three-Day Training Program for Principals and HMs of ABE.

Bangalore, September 9, 2022: FEEL - An Facilitating Effectiveness and Excellence in Leadership for teachers of the ABE - Archdiocesan Education Board, a three-day training program of quality intervention for Principals and Head Masters/Mistress of Archdiocesan Board of Educational (ABE) institutions was held atv Palana Bhavana, Bengaluru. Seventy-one academic heads of institutions participated.

Prof. Sunney Tharappan, Director, of College for Leadership and Human Resource Development (CLHRD) animated the three day program.

Earlier, His Grace the Archbishop of Bengaluru, Most Rev Dr Peter Machado who is also the President of ABE, blessed and initiated the program. He emphasized, that every parent is a teacher at home and every teacher is a teacher cum parent at school.

The Vice-President of ABE, Monsignor S. Jayanathan, expressed his gratitude to the resource person, and offered words of wisdom through five inspiring tips for improvement and effective disposition to the teaching profession.

Rev Fr. Arun Santhosh, Secretary, ABE. Prof. C R Francis, Joint Secretary, ABE and Prof. Chitrakumar gave their valuable inputs from time to time, in an effort to assist the resource person.

The topics covered during this three-day seminar was varied and interesting focusing more on communication skills, developing Twelve areas of human resources, development of skills and competencies, interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, building self-esteem, art of listening, argumentation and refutation, art of convincing, sharpening the intellect, team building, people centeredness, student centeredness, verbal and nonverbal communication, value and belief systems, value compromise, techniques and games for developing grammar and vocabulary among students, reading and writing and notes making skills, decision making skills, mind skills, attention to details, types of powers and use of personal power for influencing the students, various influence processes, intellectual assemblies, and calisthenics techniques.

The schedule of the seminar was well planned and structured. It was meticulously followed up to ensure the participants have a lasting impact. Several other related exercises were part of the three day curriculum.

Finally, the participants were convinced how as teachers endowed with their greatest influencing power can inspire every student into becoming a competent person and help develop a enlightened society.

Report: Rev. Fr Arun Santhosh, Secretary, ABE

Compiled by: PRO Office

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