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Sufi, Sikh and Muslim reps greet Archbishop on eve of St. Mary's Feast.

Bangalore: A delegation of Sufi, Sikh and Muslim representatives lead by Perico Prabhu greeted Archbishop Rev Peter Machado on the eve of St. Mary's Feast. The Prelate in turn reciprocated their goodwill and greetings by offering them a bouquet. The mutual greetings and conversations was followed by a photo-shoot at the elegant grotto at the Archbishop's House.

Those present were

Waliba President(All Karnataka Sufi Saints)

GP Singh Bawa, (Ex-President Delhi Gurdwara Defence Colony and Chairman Senior Citizen forum, Defence colony)

Manpreet singh, (Advocate and

Former Director KMDC, Govt of Karnataka)

Syed Mohammed Sharfuddin Kadhri (Kalife Adil Shaie)

S A Imtiaz Pasha (Vice President Labour cell, KPCC )

Pericho Prabhu (Joint Secretary Ecumenism Commission of Archdiocese)

Fr Adolf Washington (Secretary to the Archbishop of Bangalore).

The Archdiocese through her various commissions, especially the commissions for Ecumenism and Evangelization has been constantly working on inter-religious dialogue to strengthen peace and harmony between people of all religions. The efforts have seen much support and co-operation from various religious groups.

Report: Fr. Adolf Washington.

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