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Unity Octave Celebration Unites Christians at St. Thomas Orthodox Church, Bangalore

Bengaluru, January 22, 2024: The fifth day of the Unity Octave was celebrated with fervor and devotion at St. Thomas Orthodox Church Maha Edavaka (Malankara) near ATC book centre, Bharatnagar, Bangalore. Led by Mr. Pericho Prabhu, the secretary of the All Karnataka United Forum for Christian Human Rights, the prayer service drew attendance from Catholic priests, pastors, and faithful from various denominations, emphasizing the spirit of ecumenism and unity among Christians.


The service featured a profound reflection on the gospel passage of the Good Samaritan, delivered by Fr. Lawrence CSSR. He reminded the congregation of their Christian calling to love unconditionally, emphasizing that love knows no boundaries or differences.


Fr. Koshy Thomas of St. Thomas Orthodox Church further enriched the gathering by explaining the unique symbolism behind their service. The main altar, shrouded in a curtain, was unveiled to reveal 12 lights representing the Apostles and a single distinctive light symbolizing Christ. This visual representation served as a powerful reminder of Christ's discipleship and his guiding light in the lives of believers.


The ambiance of the church was enhanced by the presence of images depicting two Indian saints from Kerala, adding a touch of local spiritual heritage to the gathering.


The event was graced by the presence of Fr. Pradeep Kumar Z, the secretary of the Ecumenical Commission of the Archdiocese of Bangalore, Fr. Adrian F C Mascarenhas, the Rector of Bhakti Bhavan Minor Seminary and minor seminarians, who joined in the spirit of prayer and fellowship. Also participating were Fr. Amarnath and children from Manipur, contributing to the diverse representation of the Church's universal nature.


The Unity Octave celebration at St. Thomas Orthodox Church was not only a moment of spiritual enrichment but also a testament to the unity that transcends denominational boundaries, echoing the timeless message of Christ's love and compassion for all humanity.


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