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75 Glorious Years of St. Germain High School!

The Platinum Jubilee Celebrations of St. Germain School did commensurate with rich tradition of the School on St. Germain Day, 31st July 2019. The day began on an auspicious note, Archbishop of Bangalore, the Most. Rev. Dr. Peter Machado presided at a concelebrated Holy Mass. Later the Archbishop presided and received the salute of a crisp march past. He declared the Jubilee year open and released white doves.

The students who had formed a stupendous 75 on the ground released helium balloons to mark the beginning of the festivities. Mr. Sathya Murthy, former Vice Principal and oldest living teacher was the Chief Guest. Mr. Jude Felix, former student and former captain of the national hockey team was the guest of honour. It was a perfect start to this glorious celebration. The top two rank holders of the school at the ICSE exam were given mementos by Mr. Sathya Murthy.

Events galore followed for the remainder of the day, talents’ competitions kept the spirits of the students alive.

The food stalls were abuzz with students, and the day culminated on a high with an exciting, but friendly soccer match between the school and PU college teams of St. Germain.

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