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A milestone day for the archdiocese as several committees inaugurated!

Bangalore: Most Rev Dr Peter Machado inaugurated the newly Archdiocesan committees on August 28, 2019 at Paalanaa Bhavana with a concelebrated Eucharist and the first meeting of these committees. They are formed with an intention to aid the archdiocese for better governance in different areas such as finance, real estate, construction, conciliation, education and formation. 

The members come from different walks of life with a lot of expertise to each area where they have been identified, they also come with a good representation of laity and religious from the vast archdiocese along with the diocesan clergy to truly reflect the Body of Christ and its members.

Many echoed that this is a milestone day in the archdiocese as all these members took their oath of secrecy and confidentiality at the Eucharist celebrated by the archbishop.

In his keynote address the prelate highlighted the administrative plans, policies and challenges of the archdiocese and our response. “The purpose of formation of these committees is to see the overall aspect, the global reality of the archdiocese and not my parish or not my church nor my committee, Think globally act locally, to see what is lacking and our plans have to be definite”, said Archbishop Peter.

The archbishop expounded that the archdiocesan policies have to be in 3 directions, such as Pro-Church, Pro-poor and Pro-life.

Msgr C. Francis spoke on the statistics of the archdiocese and the pastoral opportunities while Msgr S. Jayanathan presented the role of the committees and tips for effective planning.


Fr. Cyril Victor

Director, Archdiocesan communication centre

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