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A walking and singing pilgrimage to Mary’s Shrine by ICYM youth

Bangalore: Around 350 members of the archdiocesan Youth participated in a Marian pilgrimage by walking to St. Mary’s Basilica on 31st August 2019. The pilgrimage took place from two different directions, one group walked from st.Anthony’s church , Thambuchettypalya via Banaswadi-cox town to St. Marys Basilica and the other one from Sacred Heart church to St.Marys Basilica . The youth representatives came as far as from Kunigal to kGF and other different parishes in the city to take part part in this pilgrimage .

The ICYM youth draped themselves in blue T-shirt’s, walked all the way singing Marian hymns and reciting rosary and participated in the flag Hoisting and Benediction. The youth were also accompanied by few diocesan priests and Salesian brothers from kristu jyothi college.

Shirley from St. John the evangelist church thanking the organizers said, “It was an amazing experience, I couldn't have asked for more, What a blessing it was”.

Pradeep from St. Rita’s church kunigal, 100kms away from Bangalore city said, “words cannot express what we experienced today. Walking in the heart of city and to participate in the flag Hoisting ceremony is an unforgettable experience.”

Fr. Amar, the secretary of youth commission accoppierà the youth along with other diocesan priests Fr. Arul Raj Sampath, Fr. John Sudeep, Fr. Deva Balan and Fr. Santhosh. The Salesian brothers Dixon, Jose and Fabian were also present.

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