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Archbishop Peter Machado Presides Over Grand Annual Feast of Infant Jesus in Viveknagar

Bengaluru, January 14, 2024: The Annual Feast of Infant Jesus at Viveknagar was celebrated with grandeur and piety as thousands of faithful from across various destinations participated in the Holy Eucharist throughout the day, offering their prayers and supplications. Most Rev. Dr. Peter Machado, Metropolitan Archbishop of Bangalore, presided over the festal mass along with parish clergy of Infant Jesus Shrine and numerous priests.

In his homily, Archbishop Machado emphasized the importance of simplicity, obedience, and faith in invoking the blessings of Infant Jesus. He expressed his humility, stating that when he visits the shrine, he does so not as an Archbishop but as one among thousands of pilgrims praying for the Archdiocese, parishes, and faithful.

In the evening, Archbishop Peter Machado blessed the chariot carrying the Infant Jesus statue in a procession. A brief ceremony was held to thank dignitaries, including Shri. N A Harris, Member of Legislative Assembly of Karnataka, who was felicitated by Archbishop Machado on behalf of the parish clergy.

As part of the feast day, a police outpost of Viveknagar Police Station was inaugurated on the shrine campus to ensure the safety of devotees, especially women and children. Archbishop Peter Machado and Shri. N A Harris inaugurated the outpost, expressing their happiness over its installation as a shield of protection. Mr. Anil Kumar, Inspector of Police of Viveknagar Police Station, and several police officers were present during the ceremony.

The Annual Feast of Infant Jesus, following nine days of novena, concluded with a car procession of Infant Jesus. The entire festal activities were telecasted live by the Archdiocesan Communication Centre (ACC).

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