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Archbishop Peter Machado's directives for reopening of churches post September 10th 2020

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Reopening of churches
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Maya Philip
Maya Philip
Sep 09, 2020

Thank you our faithful shepherd, Archbishop Peter Machado for the good leadership you are giving to the archdiocese of Bangalore. We know that God is stronger than any virus for He is omnipotent. But the pandemic was permitted by His holy will and is a cross that we have to endure with faith, hope and love. May we all grow in these theological virtues during these testing times. God bless and keep all of us in His great love! Dr Maya Jacob Philip


Louis Dmello
Louis Dmello
Sep 09, 2020

Sent Respectfully:

Why are the Church still following the pagan directives from the government.

It is time all churches are open and Holy Mass is celebrated in full public participation

with safe distancing and masks and hand sanitizers.

Our Shepherds have let us down miserably. Obviously they believe the virus is

stronger than the Holy Eucharist or are scared from some reason or another.

Throngs of people are mingling everywhere. However our Shepherds feel

just a few may attend Holy Mass, this action may ultimately destroy the faith.

We pray to our Heavenly Father to raise up faithful Shepherds who trust in Him and

His Son our Lord Jesus Christ.

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