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Christian Hospital Management Meets Minister

A delegation led by Archbishop Most Rev Dr Peter Machado met the Hon’ble Minister for Medical Education and State Covid in-charge Dr Sudhakar at his home office on Monday the 10th Aug, 2020 and submitted a memorandum addressed to the Karnataka Chief Minister Shri B S Yeddiyurappa.

It has to be acknowledged that the Government of Karnataka, has made all round efforts to contain the pandemic from spreading. We appreciate the Government and the State civic and health authorities for being proactive and for taking timely action during this Covid-19 pandemic situation.

In an effort to join hands with the Government to unitedly fight this pandemic. It is well-known that the Christian Mission Hospitals have reached out with all its resources, and have plunged into action by serving the civic community selflessly in Bangalore City and all over the State of Karnataka. This non-profit service sector has resolved to fight the common enemy COVID-19 along with the Government as part of SAST (Suvarna Arogya Suraksha Trust).

Some of the Key Issues mentioned below that were hampering the normal working of the Hospitals were represented in the memorandum submitted to the Government.

  • Visits of Non-Covid Patients – drastically reduced.

  • SAST Re-imbursements

  • Allocation of 50% of our Hospital Beds to the Government:

  • Walk-in Patients & Other relevant issues.

The memorandum sought early redressal of these issues and requested the government to take the necessary steps to find immediate solutions, and also to curb all interferences and confusions to create a smooth atmosphere to peacefully render health care services.

The meeting was cordial and the Hon’ble Minister was positive and receptive to all our concerns. He assured to look into the matter and address the grievance represented in the memorandum at the earliest.

The delegation comprising besides our beloved Archbishop were the Vicar Generals, Msgr S. Jayanathan, Msgr C. Francis, Rev Fr Faustine Lobo, Secretary, KUCF HR, Rev. Dr. Paul Parathazham, Director, St John’s Medical College & Hospital, Sr. Gracy Thomas, Sister Superior, St Martha’s Hospital, Sr. K Elizabeth, Chief Administrator, St Philomena’s Hospital, Dr. Naveen Thomas, Director & CEO, Baptist Hospital and Sr. Shanthi Lawrence SMMI, Superior, St Theresa’s Hospital.

J A Kanthraj

PRO & Spokesperson

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