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EMM day celebration at St. Joseph’s deanery

October 8, 2019, Bangalore: A holiday was well spent by the various representatives of the eight parishes of Briand Square deanery gathering at St. Joseph’s Church to learn the meaning and purpose of the Extraordinary Mission mont, October -2019. More than 70 lay members participated in the day’s celebration alongside with their parish priests.

Fr. Alphonse Bhaskar spearheaded the day’s activities along with the cooperation of the liturgy commission members while Fr. Sandhyagu the parish priest of St. Joseph’s Church, Briand Sqaure hosted the day’s program.

The children from St. Anthony’s Church, Kaalena Agrahara helped in the prayer dance for the enthronement of the Word of God. Rev. Fr. Cyril Victor Joseph The Director of Paalanaa Bhavana explained to the participants the meaning and significance of EMM. He highlighted upon the importance of Sunday worship and how it can become a visible sign of mission and evangelization for the non- Christians in our neighborhoods. He also insisted on the need of welcoming parishes who truly manifest an attitude of hospitality to the visitors to journey with them to share the gift of faith.

The deanery fathers concelebrate the holy mass and prayed for all the missionary activities in the archdiocese.

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