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Feast of the Epiphany of our Lord at Christa Prabalaya, Jayanagar

Bangalore: On 8th January 2023, the Universal Church celebrated the Solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord. In our Archdiocese of Bangalore, we have a parish which is dedicated to the Epiphany of our Lord – Christa Prabalaya in Jayanagar. On this day, the Christa Prabalaya celebrated parish celebrated its feast day. His Grace, Most. Rev. Peter Machado presided over the festal Eucharist.

Archbishop in his homily envisaged about the significance of the feast of the Epiphany and the gifts the three wise men brought to child Jesus: Gold, Frankincense and myrrh.

The prelate highlighted the three points that this feast brings us. “Firstly, the search for God: As the magi, had the thirst for the child who was born in Bethlehem. Their quest for God made them travel from a long distance. Secondly, to see God: when the magi arrived at the manger where the star had stopped, they entered and saw the mother and child. They were filled with great joy. Thirdly, Surrender to God: As the magi visited the newborn child, the Savior of the world, they prostrated, they gave their gifts and surrendered themselves.”

Fr. Joseph Naveen, the Parish Priest, Fr. Peter, Professor from St. Peter’s Pontifical Institute and other priests concelebrated the Holy Eucharist. This day was also a special day for this parish, on this feast, The Family Year -2023 was inaugurated by the Archbishop.

Report: Fr. Vivek Lionel, Secretary to the Archbishop

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