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Franciscans mark 800th anniversary of peace with Sultan of Egypt

Bangalore: The Franciscans marked the 800th anniversary of the meeting of St.Francis of Assisi with the Sultan of Egypt to make peace between Muslims and Christians at an inter-religious meet at St. Joseph's Boy's school, July 27th, 4pm.

The MC of the event said it was a 'memorable' meeting of a Peace pact.

Organized under the aegis of the Franciscans in India, Provincial Fr. Praveen D'souza in his inaugural address said he was happy to have the participation of heads from various religions.

The program saw the participation of religious leaders from the Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Parsee communities.

The religious leaders who spoke to an audience of over 700 people emphasized on seeing 'common grounds' that unite us despite our allegiance to the Faith we profess.

Archbishop Rev. Peter Machado, Archbishop' of Bangalore spoke on breaking down differences and focussing on human issues. He said we call share a common humanity. 'Being at peace with each other' he said is a sign of God working amidst us.

The program concluded with a short Candle-light procession that ended at the Indian Martyrs memorial at Brigade road with participants holding placards of peace and harmony. Hand-outs of the occasion and purpose were distributed to the public who were moving alongside the procession.



Fr. Adolf Washington

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