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Infant Jesus Feast celebrated at Viveknagar

Bangalore, January 14, 2022: The feast of Infant Jesus was celebrated at Viveknagar Shrine on a low note this year due to the rise in Corona Omicron cases. The feast, which attracts thousands of pilgrims every year, was limited to a closed-door celebration. Archbishop Most Rev. Dr Peter Machado celebrated the Solemn Mass at the Shrine along with other priests as concelebrants. Prior to the feast, the pilgrims were informed to view and participate in the Holy Eucharist online. The faithful were facilitated to just visit the shrine for personal prayers and offerings during novenas and the aftermath of the annual feast. The Archdiocesan Communication Center (ACC) live-streamed novena masses as well as the solemn festal Mass. The entire coverage can be followed on the Bangalore Archdiocese YouTube Channel: by subscribing to the channel with this link:

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