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Sanyasa Sangama: Igniting Transformation in Consecrated Life

Bangalore, February 11, 2024: The Bangalore Unit of the Conference of Religious India recently organized its annual program, “Sanyasa Sangama,” at Jyothi Nivas College Autonomous in Koramangala, Bangalore. This year's theme, “Consecrated to Transform Life,” resonated throughout the event, which brought together over 700 priests, nuns, and brothers.

The program commenced with a Holy Eucharist celebrated by Rev. Fr. Xavier E Manavath, CMF, Episcopal Vicar for the Religious in the Archdiocese of Bangalore, with Rev. Fr. Varghese Vithayathil, CMI, Chancellor of Christ University, as concelebrant, alongside many other priests.

The keynote address was delivered by Rev. Fr. Benny G. Koottanal, MSFS, who spoke on the transformative power of consecration. He emphasized that true transformation occurs when we allow ourselves to be touched by God's grace, bowing our heads in humility before Him. Drawing from St. Paul's teachings, he urged the religious to embrace their role as disciples of Christ, being joyful and approachable like Jesus.

Msgr. S. Jayanathan, Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Bangalore, addressed the participants on behalf of the Archbishop, highlighting the importance of humility, belongingness, and teamwork in the life of consecrated individuals. He stressed the need for a clear vision, collective thinking, shared responsibility, and a focus on God's glory rather than personal recognition.

Rev. Sr. Maria Nirmalini AC, President of the National Conference of Religious India (CRI), encouraged the religious to take their vocation seriously, emphasizing the gift of consecration. She urged them to pray earnestly and to be joyful in their religious life.

Fr. Arun Luis SJ, Director of Social Services at Ashirwad Jesuit Centre, spoke about "Election Consciousness," urging the religious to take an active role in civic engagement. He encouraged them to assist in voter registration drives and to ensure that their organizations' members are registered to vote.

The program also featured a screening of the movie "FACE OF THE FACELESS," which depicted the life of Sr. Rani Maria. The film served as a poignant reminder of the transformative power of consecration in touching the lives of others.

Overall, the “Sanyasa Sangama” program provided a platform for the religious to deepen their commitment to transformation through consecration, inspiring them to continue their journey of service and devotion.

Report: Rev. Sr. Shashintha Monteiro, SJT, President - BCRI

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