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The Cathedral deanery priests reflect on Eucharist at the Monthly Recollection

Bangalore, November 20, 2019: There were about 40 priests who belong to the Cathedral deanery gathered At Bhakti Bhavan, made their monthly recollection. Fr Bonaventure, the spiritual director of St. Peter’s Seminary delivered an inspiring talk on the Eucharist.

The preacher of the day preached on the important aspects of celebrating Eucharist as it is an important ministry of every priest. “Eucharist is the source and summit of my life”, was the topic of his talk. He also gave the examples of the Eucharistic miracles to draw the inspiration to celebrate Eucharist with more devotion and respect.

Fr. Bonaventure, who hails from Karwar diocese shared his personal and unique experience of celebrating the Holy Eucharist for Mother Teresa when she was alive in her community at Kolkata.

At the dean’s hour, different topics were taken up for discussion in the presence of Rev Fr. John Rose. Some of the topics are,

1. Promotion of SCC in the Deanery Parishes

2. Organising Systematic Family Visits with the help of the Religious. 3. Starting of Catholic Association Units in the Parishes.

Fr Cyril Victor Joseph

Archdiocesan Communication Center

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