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Vianney day celebrations marked at St. Patrick’s Church

Bangalore, August 6, 2019: Throughout the world people pray in a special way for priests on August 4, the feast day of St. Vianney, showing their gratitude in meaningful ways. St Patrick’s parish community along with the parish liturgical committee put together a beautiful felicitation programme for their parish clergy on this day. Currently Msgr. C. Francis, the vicar general of the diocese, Fr John Paul, Fr Rajesh and Fr Jesu are serving at this parish.

St. Jean Baptiste Marie Vianney, who is called the Curé of Ars (The priest of Ars village). The Curé of Ars was known for his humility, spirituality and dedicated service as a priest. He was a French priest who was renowned as a confessor with supernatural powers and was a great pastor. Thus the Church declared him the patron saint of all parish priests, a model for clergy to learn and imitate.

As much as praying to receive such priests from the Lord, it is also important to be grateful to the ones who are already serving us in their own capacities. The parish council headed by Mrs Vasantha Bastian invited the representatives from different wings of the parish like the pious associations, choirs, zonal groups etc., and honoured their priests for being a medium of blessing to them.

The Fathers were asked some funny questions on their memorable experiences in this parish, which caught them off guard. The highlights were the poems affectionately composed for each Father and were read out citing their unique character. The programme ended with a professionally rendered solo song apt for the occasion.

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