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Youth United for the Cause of Differently Abled

The Indian Catholic Youth Movement (ICYM) of the archdiocese of Bangalore came together to volunteer to be at the service of differently abled children of the archdiocese on Sunday 20th March 2022 at Paalana Bhavana. An orientation programme to celebrate the Pro-Life day was organised by the commission for the differently abled headed by Rev Fr Gabriel Christy. Mr Vijayakanth gave an orientation on how to manage the children with disability.

Youth from different parish of the archdiocese volunteered to assist the children who will be coming together to observe the Pro-Life day organised by the Family Welfare Centre of the Archdiocese on 25th March 2022. The youth were divided into different groups to organise recreational activities for the children.

The gathering also witnessed team building activities which enabled the youth to know each other and build bond between them. The ICYM DEXCO members facilitated the programme and saw to all the arrangements.

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