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Mariapolis event culminates on a lively note

Bangalore, May 23, 2023: Mariapolis event came to a fruitful conclusion at Camilians Snehadan Centre- Bangalore where more than 60 of us, including Representatives from Trichy, Goa and Hyderabad dived into meditation, activities and interaction over the weekend to deepen our experience of Being a Family. Boys from the Saptagiri Vidyamandir home [Home for children with parent/s who are in prison] also joined us and added a lot of energy and spirit.

There were many creative activities like ecological rosary led by the gen3 making seed bombs, super fun team games, workshops and ateliers to discover different fields where we can apply the Focolare Spirituality: Re-energize your Parish, Living Peace, The Cry of Humanity & Edu×Edu.

The final Mariapolital evening was an explosion of joy and celebrating in a family; showcasing talents from the youngest to the oldest, dancing, singing and laughing together, and highlighted by the special impromptu band.

Later, everyone in the final impressions shared how they felt part of a big family despite language/ background differences and how indeed the diversity had enriched our experiences of connecting, leaving us with a commitment to stay connected even through prayers.

“The backdrop was an important visual reminder and interactive element for us to take this Mariapolis experience back to our daily lives. It consisted of Coconut leaves woven together creating the map of the world with representation of families and communities as well as ecology and nature that connects and sustains us with a central palm frond like the rays of the sun that join each of our paths to God.” Said one of the participants of the Mariapolis event

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