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Anglos Get together stresses bonding and rootedness in Christ

Bangalore, Nov, 10: Over 200 Anglo-Indian families  from 35 parishes gathered at Paalanaa Bhavan  (Pastoral Center-Annexe at Archbishop's House) for the Eucharistic Celebration on November 10, 2019.

Organizer Ms. Belinda Lopez spelling the need for the get-together said "Our  purpose is not political. We just wanted to keep Anglos close to Christ and His Word". The Archbishop who interacted with the gathering emphasized on the unity of purpose said, 'I am in favour of any community that builds and strengthens the Church'. 

At the gathering, Rev. Fr. Cyril (Director- Paalana Bhavan) and spiritual Director Fr. Joseph Royan (Redemptorist priest)  were felicitated. Fr. Xavier Manavath  (Claretian Priest and Vicar for Religious) was thanked in absentia. 

On the sidelines, organizer Belinda Lopez told this reporter, "Since this is our early meetings we did what best we could. I  am working with my team to get more Anglos together. I think we need to reach out to many more.  The Archbishop has been immensely helpful in getting us together. In our first meeting with him he showed so much love. He shared his interest in community building'


Fr. Adolf Washington

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