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Annual Catechism Day Celebrations at Infant Jesus Church, Moodalapalya

Bengaluru, February 18, 2024: Infant Jesus Church in Moodalapalya, Bengaluru, reverberated with joy and jubilation on February 18, 2024, as it hosted its annual Catechism Day celebrations. The event, which marked the culmination of a year-long faith formation program, was attended by catechism students, their families, and members of the parish community.

A key highlight of the celebration was the distribution of report cards to the catechism students, acknowledging their dedication and commitment to their studies throughout the year. Additionally, the parish priest, Rev. Fr. Theres Babu, along with members of the parish council and the religious nuns, honored meritorious students with certificates of appreciation for their academic achievements, cent percent attendance and other cultural activities. These certificates served as a token of recognition for the students' exceptional academic achievements and their commitment to their faith.

The Annual Catechism Day celebrations not only recognized the academic accomplishments of the students but also emphasized the importance of religious education in nurturing their spiritual growth. The event was a testament to the dedication of the parish community in supporting the students' journey of faith and learning.

Rev. Fr. Theres Babu, in his address, commended the students for their hard work and encouraged them to continue their pursuit of knowledge and faith. He also expressed gratitude to the religious nuns for their unwavering support in organizing the event and guiding the students throughout the year. He also thanked the parents for being keen on sending their children for the catechism classes regularly.

The Annual Catechism Day celebrations at Infant Jesus Church were a resounding success, showcasing the vibrant spirit of the parish community and its commitment to the spiritual development of its members. As the celebrations concluded, the parish community looked forward to another year of growth, learning, and faith.

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Arputharaj Antony
Arputharaj Antony

Rev. Fr. Theres Babu, you are rocking wherever you go.... Infant Jesus May bless and lead you....

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