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Archbishop Machado: “Mother Mary Directs Us to Jesus”

Kolar, September 11, 2022: Oorguam in KGF, a neighboring district of Bengaluru was decked in buntings, balloons and colorful flowers, indicating a festive atmosphere as the Mother of Mines Parish celebrated its annual feast after a pause of over two years caused by an unprecedented pandemic that brought a crude halt on all celebrations of human activity.

After the feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Church observes the following Sunday as the feast of the Mother of Mines at Oorguam, KGF.

Most Rev. Dr. Peter Machado, Metropolitan Archbishop of Bangalore presided over the solemn Holy Eucharist with Rev. Fr. Ananda Xavier the Parish Priest, Rev.Fr. Jerome Stanislaus the Dean for KGF deanery, Priests from the deanery joined as concelebrants. Thousands of devotees, braving inclement weather travelled from Bangalore, Mysore, Kolar and other parts of Karnataka to pray and participate in this great festival.

It should be noted that the unique title as the 'Mother of Mines' comes after the historical evidence that predominantly the Catholic population in this area worked in the Kolar Gold Fields for decades until Government officially closed down the mining activities in Kolar district.

Archbishop Machado in his homily said “Mother Mary who is invoked as the Mother of Mines in this land of KGF, blesses us with a unique and costliest gift today, which is more precious than any gold or silver of this world. She is giving Jesus to us, she is directing us to Jesus". As she told the servants at the wedding feast of Cana, she tells each one of us to do whatever he tells you to do.

Later, the decorated car carrying the the image of Mother Mary was blessed and flagged off by the Archbishop.

Compiled by: Rev. Fr. Vivek Lionel Basu, Secretary to the Archbishop

PRO Office - ACC

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