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Archbishop Peter Machado inaugurates Church dedicated to St. Ann at Marathalli

Bangalore, April 10, 2021: The restrictions imposed by the government in view of the spiralling second wave of the pandemic did not deter the parishioners of St. Ann's Church, Marathalli in Bangalore from demonstrating their jubilation as they witnessed the inauguration and blessing of their parish church dedicated to St. Ann. Though all Church services are suspended temporarily until 20th April in the Archdiocese, the faithful in one spirit expressed their solidarity and faith as they participated in the blessing and solemn Holy Eucharist. For the benefit of those who could not make it, the entire program was live-streamed by the Archdiocesan Communication Centre. A large number of laities along with the Priests gathered before the entrance of the Church as Archbishop Peter Machado blessed the church bell and the door, which are symbolic and very significant in the Catholic tradition. Archbishop then presided over the Eucharist along with other priests as concelebrants. The prelate in his message emphasized the need and importance of a parish or a church and mentioned three important points. “Primarily, to preach and proclaim the word of God. Secondly, to celebrate the sacraments, especially the Holy Eucharist for it is our daily spiritual nourishment and finally, we need a church because to experience the love of God.” He also strongly felt that it is important to come together as one family. “In the presence of God, nobody is a waste nor anybody extra. We all are parts of the one body: The Body of Christ.” He added. He later blessed the Tabernacle as the Choir sang “Tantum Ergo” in unison. Fr. Rony Joseph Coutinho, the Parish Priest felicitated Archbishop Peter and thanked him for all the guidance and encouragement. Speaking to the Archdiocesan News Portal, Mr. Francis, a member of St. Ann’s parish expressed his joy. He said “Today is indeed a joyous moment for our parishioners as we have a new parish Church. The church is not only our place of worship, it is also our identity. It’s a part and parcel of our lives,” Report: PRO Office / Archdiocesan Communications Center(ACC) The Live video coverage of the Inauguration and the Dedication of the Church can be found at the following link:

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