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Archbishop Peter Machado joins the Nation in lighting the lamp

Bengaluru, April 5, 2020:  As honourable Prime Minister Shri Nerendra Modi called upon the whole nation to light a lamp as a symbol to dispel the darkness created by Covid-19 in the world, Archbishop Peter Machado lighted  the Candles in his chapel and prayed for the entire world at 9 pm. 

The Prelate reflected upon the passage from Gospel of Matthew 5:13-16,  where Jesus invited his disciples to be the light of the  world. "We are Easter people. Light is the first thing God created in His creation. Hence, all the people are called to shine their light in the world. To spread the glory of God. 

From the last 13 days India is under lockdown due to the spread of deadly Corona virus. Being isolated and locked down in our homes, economy being the worst hit, the frightful situation is gripping millions of people due to the global pandemic.

"With the grace of God, let us possess the hope and courage to face the current situation”, the Prelate added. 

Archbishop prayed the Rosary reflecting on 5 Luminous mysteries. Finally, the short prayer service concluded with hymn to Mother Mary to protect all the sick and suffering.


Deacon Naveen Kumar

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