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Archbishop receives a rousing welcome at St. Anthony’s Church

Parishioners of St Anthon’s church, Munekola (near Maratahalli) along with its first parish priest Fr. Antony Mahendran greeted Archbishop Rev Dr. Peter Machado before the start of the festal mass of St. Anthony’s feast on Sunday. The church was blessed open on 2nd October 2016. Fr. Mahendran was former Secretary to the Archbishop, addressing a packed church of the faithful, the Prelate stressed on the importance of unity among people of all communities and language groups. He spoke in relation to the unity of the Holy Trinity. The Archbishop spoke eloquently on the perfect unity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and pointed out that every parish that expresses that unity reflects a truly worshipping community. He was celebrating the mass of the feast of the Holy Trinity. The mass concluded at 6.45 pm and was followed by a sacred car procession in honor of St. Anthony.


Fr. Adolf Washington

Secretary to the Archbishop

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