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Archbishop urges religious superiors to be vigilant in their apostolate

Bangalore, December 11, 2022: The annual meeting of the Local Religious Superiors of Bangalore Archdiocese was conducted at Paalanaa Bhavan on 11th December 2022 with 312 participants. The Meeting commenced at 9:15 am with the Gospel reading and prayer led by Sr. Iris Pangola HC and Bro. Xavier Antony CMSF.

Fr. Xavier Manavath CMF, Episcopal Vicar for Religious in Bangalore, thereupon welcomed all the gathered in a suitable and fitting manner. He invited Rev. Rev. Fr. Gabriel Christy, the coordinator of all commissions introduced the topic of sharing on the archdiocesan resources by explaining the various commissions and their role in the archdiocese.

A number of priests who were heading various commissions of the Archdiocese presented a gist of their activities and called on the superiors to join hands with the Diocese towards the realization of their plans. Rev. Fr. Sunny Richard emphasized Family Ministry and Pro-life, Rev. Fr. Vivian Richard spoke about the importance of YCS and YSM. Mr. Kanthraj PRO and Spokesperson of the Archdiocese addressed the gathering with examples of how PRO office works at the Archdiocesan level protecting the identity of the Church.

Rev. Fr. Lourdu Santhosh, Director of the BMSSS explained how BMSS and SCC function. Rev. Fr. Cyril Victor Joseph Director of Paalanaa Bhavana shared the information about the facilities of the Archdiocesan Communication Center and the Archdiocesan Pastoral Center (Paalanaa Bhavana).

After the coffee break superiors were welcomed back to listen to the main speaker of the Day, Professor Dr. S. Japhet, the former Vice - Chancellor of Bangalore City University, who at length dwelt on various problems minorities are facing in our country and Karnataka particularly. He vehemently requested the superiors to play an active role in tracking the vicious agenda of the fringe groups to remain alive and active in our ministry lest we be wiped out altogether.

Most Rev. Dr. Peter Machado, Archbishop of Bangalore, took over the session then and exhorted the superiors to focus on 3 ‘antis’. 1. Anti-Conversion Bill, 2. Anti-educational policy and, 3. Anti-Christian agenda to control our activities. His grace also proposed some practical ways of dealing with these hidden agendas. He also reminded the superiors to be prepared with the long term policies that may come into effect in the long run.

His Grace advised the superiors on the other hand to join hands with the government to work for the poor and their uplifting especially in the field of education. The prelate also invited the Education Commission Secretary Fr. Francis Assisi Almeida to share about the diocesan effort to get it reduce the demand of 25% minority (Catholic) students in the catholic run institutions by appealing to High Court.

Later, Archbishop Peter Machado presided over the Holy Eucharist along with other priests as concelebrants. The meeting culminated with the Vote of Thanks proposed by Rev. Sr. Shahsintha, President of BCRI.

Report: Sr. Roshini, PHJC, Secretary, BCRI

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