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Bangalore Archdiocese pledges to reach out to the Poor as India is Locked down!

Bangalore, March 27, 2020: As the poor families, homeless and stranded persons are struggling in the wake of Locked down situation due to the Corona pandemic, Archdiocese of Bangalore will reach out in as many ways as possible. Most Rev. Dr. Peter Machado, Archbishop of Bangalore, in consultation with Msgrs. Jayanathan S. and Francis C., Fr. Edward Thomas (Dream Indian Network) and other priests, has consolidated an immediate action plan.

These initiatives are made known to the people and to all the priests so that not only in this time of severe crisis but also an opportunity to fulfill our Christian obligation of charity during this Lenten season especially the Year of the Poor.

Immediate Concrete Action Plan is as follows:

  1. Care for the Sick: Archbishop Peter Machado exhorts and calls on all the Catholic and Christian hospitals, Doctors and nurses to reach out and to take care of the sick, especially people affected by the Corona Virus. The Prelate also encourages the hospital administration to set apart either a block or a section with as many beds as possible to admit the increasing number of inflicted cases.

  2. Temporary shelter homes: In order to accommodate the migrants, homeless and those who are stranded and lost in a big city can be housed in temporary shelter homes. The following places are identified: 1. St. Philomena’s School, Railway Colony; 2. St. Joseph’s School, Briand Square, Mysore Road; 3. St. Xavier’s School, Shivajinagara; 4. Lourdes school, Cubbonpete; 5. Lourdes Schools, Halasuru.

  3. Food/Essentials support to the Poor: Every Parish Priest is being requested by the Archbishop to identify small groups of volunteers not more than 3-4 persons to identify the poor families, daily workers and other needy people and also make request to generous donors who can support this cause. During this lockdown period, every Monday, the food materials packs could be distributed on a weekly basis. The food packs containing rice, ragi, flour and oil could be given out either purchased already or an arrangement could be made with the grocery retail shops where they could procure the same. In this venture, the archdiocese will assist the poor parishes to realise this aspect provided the poor are already identified.

Archbishop Peter urges all saying, “that all Christians are urged to come in solidarity to reach out to the poor in best and prudent ways possible. In this time of isolation and social distancing, let us not isolate the needs of the poor and let our hearts share the warmth of the love of God and neighbour”.

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