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Bangalore Archdiocese YouTube Channel registers 20K Subscribers

August 29, 2020: In the pandemic time where technology became the last resort stay connected, Our methods of communication and interaction have far surpassed the age-old traditional way of passing information from one to another. The entire world communicated virtually much more during the lockdowns due to Corona Virus outbreak. 

The Archdiocese of Bangalore led by Most Rev. Dr. Peter Machado meticulously planned ways and means to reach out and cater to the spiritual needs of the Archdiocese specially during the Covid 19 situation where people had no access to Churches and religious places of worship. The Archdiocese has effectively used social media platforms especially YouTube to effectively alleviate the spiritual hunger of the faithful. 

"Bangalore Archdiocese" YouTube Channel, was launched just a year ago and has uploaded over 800 videos that contain live streaming of Holy Masses, Eucharistic Adorations, recitation of Rosaries, Gospel reflections from Archbishop and priests, Bible Quizes, Family Catechesis, Children and adult retreats and many other quality spiritual programs for Youth, Children, Women and Senior Citizens alike.

This YouTube channel which had subscribers in couple of hundreds at the time of arrival of Fr. Cyril Victor Joseph, Director, Archdiocesan Communications Center, who was pursuing his Phd. in media studies at the University of Holy Cross, Rome, has now reached 20 thousand subscribers milestone in just a span of one year. Fr. Clement Deep, Assistant Director and the entire team of media professionals have proved their competence to achieve this goal. 

Equipped with quality content, standard designs, impeccable streaming methods, Bangalore Archdiocese YouTube channel is all set to air spiritual programs of the feast of St. Mary's Basilica, Shivajinagar, which begins today. It is seen has a wonderful blessing on the eve of St. Mary’s Basilica Novena that begins from August 29 to the Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary on September 8.

To be part of spreading the Gospel and Evangelization through social media, continue to patronize and subscribe the Bangalore Archdiocese YouTube channel and invite your friends to do the same.


Ajay Raj,  PRO Office 

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Louis Dmello
Louis Dmello
Aug 31, 2020

The Catholic Church should not be taking instructions from Government or courts.

The Catholic Church must follow the teachings of the Church and no one,

not the Bishops, Cardinals or even the Pope has the right to change that.

The sacrifice of the Holy Mass needs to be conducted as prescribed by

our Lord Jesus Christ and cannot be substituted by online services.

It appears that many Bishops/Cardinals in India and all over the world have taken it upon themselves to substitute the physical sacrifice of the Holy Mass with online service.

A pandemic is no excuse to go online. In fact if our priests, bishops and cardinals

really believe in the power of the Holy Eucharist they should conduct…

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