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The Annual feast at Infant Jesus Church, CM addresses the mammoth gathering

Bengaluru: Over twenty thousand devotees of Infant Jesus gathered at every nook and corner of the shrine in Bangalore, much more on their television sets to witness the start of the Sacred- Car procession.

Chief Minister H D Kumarswamy, Archbishop (Emeritus) Rev. Bernard Moras and Politician N A Harris, and a host of politicians were  present. Archbishop Rev Peter Macahdo greeted devotees on Video as he was attending a National Conference and could not be in Bangalore.

A newly designed website of the Archdiocese was introduced by the PRO Mr. Kantaraj and acknowledgments accredited to Monsignori Rev. S. Jayanathan,Rev. C Francis, Rev. Arockiaswamy Sebastian, Rev. Fr. Clement Deep, Mr. Nelson John and others. The Chief Minister promised security and benefits to the Christians and received a loud applause.

- Fr. Adolf Washington


Commission for Social Communication.

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