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Free Medical Camp Organised for Garment Industry Workers

Bangalore: Commission for Migrants, Archdiocese of Bangalore Organised a free medical camp for migrant girls working in Garment Industries at St. Anthony’s Friary Church on the 9th of February from 11.00 am to 04.00 pm. 180 migrant girls took part in this and benefitted from this camp. Doctors and nurses from St. Philomena’s Hospital thoroughly examined the participants.

Rev. Fr. Joseph Beck, C.Ss.R, Executive Secretary for the Commission for Migrants said that this is the first time this is kind of initiative was taken by the Commission; it was the initiative of Fr. Joseph Nazareth SJ. Many sisters from different congregations volunteered to help out and it was really a success.

Apart from medical check-up, girls were also given awareness on how to save their little earnings, what are the reasons for sickness, how to take preventive measures, if we feel uneasy and uncomfortable, we should immediately see the doctor, how to maintain hygiene and take care of their health. Common sickness was discovered and how it affects them. Preventive measure is given to them so that they may not be affected by this sickness again. Some of them are referred to the hospitals for further treatment because of big concern and the commission helped them to be admitted to the Hospital.

Fr. Beck also reiterated that in the near future the Commission wants to organize similar camps in different places so that the migrants may benefit from this. St. Philomena’s Hospital has assured us that they will be ever ready to help us.

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