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Holy Cross Family Ministries initiate Family and Personal Phone Counselling Amidst Covid -19 Crisis

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Bangalore, April 2, 2020:  As the Covid -19 Crisis deepens in our nation and with the continued situation of lock down, many families and individuals are seeking help and counselling in order to come out of the stress and loneliness that has arisen with the social distancing. Across Bengaluru, as the number of positive cases rise, there is more fear and anxiety among people which has created an immediate need for family and personal counselling. The Holy Cross Family Ministries have ventured and identified various counsellors in different languages to roll out their services. The flyer attached below gives the contact details of the counsellors and in what languages they can offer their services. Please share this initiative with all your friends and families, so that those who are seeking help may be helped out in this crisis situation.

Fr. Cyril Victor Joseph

Archdiocesan Communications Center (ACC)

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2020년 4월 06일

Praise the Lord happy to be a part of ACC to render meaningful service


Ambrose Leo
Ambrose Leo
2020년 4월 03일

Tks Holy Cross Family ministries to help community in their need of great hardship in all languages.

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