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Migrants Commission Meeting Held at Paalanaa Bhavana

Paalanaa Bhavana, September 10, 2022: The Commission for Migrants and Itinerants, Archdiocese of Bangalore had organised a meeting of all the fathers/brothers/sisters including the leaders of the migrant groups in Paalanaa Bhavana on 10th September 2022 at 4:00 pm.

Rev. Fr. Joseph Beck C.Ss.R., the Secretary of the Commission for Migrants and Itinerants commenced the meeting with prayer and hymn to the Holy Spirit. They were Fifty participants in all.

Most Rev Dr Peter Machado, Metropolitan Archbishop of Bangalore presided over the meeting. Members present shared the challenges they face and the expectations they loik forward from the Commission. Archbishop in his response, suggested many ways to deal with all the difficulties. He also assured that the Commission will help the migrants in whatever possible ways we can.

Rev. Fr. Gabriel Christy the co-ordinator of all the Commissions in the Archdiocese of Bangalore, explained at length about the benefits and advantages of MI Id card which was later distributed to the group leaders by the Archbishop.

Fr. Christy said “MI card has all the details of the migrant, present and permanent. This card will serve as the temporary membership of the migrants in the archdiocese. He also said that all the details in the card will be uploaded in the diocesan census portal which can be accessed by the parish priests to which ever they belong to.”

According to the Secretary of the Commission, the migrant identity card is valid for two years and to be renewed thereafter but the id number will remain the same. A fee of Rs 150/- will be collected on registration and on renewal too after every two years.

It was suggested that the details of the migrants have to be provided through the google format, records of which will be in the archbishop’s house.

A group pucture with the members were taken for memory and preserved for posterity.

- Fr. Joseph Beck C.Ss.R.,

Secretary, Commission for the Migrants and Itinerants

Compiled by: PRO Office

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