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Press Release - Protection of Right to Freedom of Religion - 2021 Act

The entire Christian Community in Karnataka is deeply disturbed and greatly pained at the passing of the Bill "Protection of Right to Freedom of Religion - 2021" which is now an Act.

The law was passed by the state Legislative Assembly last December but since the ruling party was one seat short of a majority in the 75-member upper house. It issued an ordinance. Having mustered up enough numbers now, it went ahead in what is perceived as a an attack on the entire Christian Community.

The ordinance now stands repealed or canceled with the passage of the bill within six months of the governor issuing it, as required under the Indian Constitution.

The Community feels betrayed for all its selfless services to the society in the fields of education, health and social service.

The contents of the Act remain bitter, brutal and abrasive in its nature from what was introduced as a Bill nine months back and now translated into an Act.

The Metropolitan Archbishop Peter Machado, the Bishops of Karnataka and all the Christian Leaders, and Others who uphold the secular fabric of our democratic society will take a decision to find a legal recourse and challenge the Act in its totality.

As our strong objection to this said Bill is already pending before the Hon'ble Supreme Court and The High Court, we refrain from commenting further on this matter.

- PRO Office/ACC

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