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Smile with Mother Mary: A Photography Competition

Bangalore, 5th September 2020: The Archdiocese of Bangalore has invited everyone to share a creative picture their family devotion to Mother Mary during this pandemic by clicking a smiling picture with the Blessed Virgin from their homes.

The Archdiocesan Catechetical Communication has organized a photography competition called Capture and Caption: Smile with Mother Mary to capture the spirit of the birthday of Mother Mary,

People who would like to participate in the competition must click a picture of a well-decorated Mother Mary statue at their homes and religious houses and send an unedited, full resolution picture by September 9 and send their entries to or WhatsApp the same to 9916743471.

The Archdiocese of Bangalore has announced that there will be exciting prizes for 10 best pictures with capturing tag-lines.

Why Wait, Grab Your Phone and Go for it.



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