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The first Archdiocesan meeting of 2020 focused on the Year of the poor!

Bangalore, January 10, 2020 - The various leaders and representatives of the archdiocese of Bangalore came together in consultation on how to celebrate the Year of the poor in a meaningful way.  Earlier, at the beginning of the year Most Rev. Dr. Peter Machado has dedicated the year 2020 as the Year of the Poor consulting with the different administrative bodies of the archdiocese. The deans of the archdiocesan deaneries and several religious representatives participated in the deliberations by proposing several action plans. The Archbishop of Bengaluru, in his key address presented, “the raison d’etre of the year of the poor and the proposed action plans”.  He highlighted in detail the background for the year of the poor and how to meaningfully put the proposal in concrete action, making use of the quote of Mother Teresa, Poverty is not created by God, but by you and me. “We may not be able to solve all the problems of poor people at least we can make a difference. There is enough for everyone’s need, but not for everyone’s greed. The rich give from their surplus while the poor give from their necessity”, the prelate added. 

At the beginning of the program Fr. Antony Samy the minority commission welcomed the gathering and also introduced the theme of the day. The director of Bangalore Multipurpose Social Service Society (BMSSS) spoke about the present social activities in the archdiocese. Rev. Fr. Edward Thomas the president of CRI presented the report on the social activities of the poor and their collaboration with the archdiocese in celebration of the year of the poor. In detail, he narrated where religious brothers and sisters who are actively engaged in the ministry to the poor. He also spoke about the inter-congregational efforts for development and also enlightened about the new initiatives.

During the open house discussion, proposals were made such as to inaugurate the year of the poor on the Ash Wednesday to make it known to all people, throughout the year the liturgy and the homilies, novena preachings could incorporate the theme of poverty and to compose and circulate a prayer for the year of the poor. 


Fr Cyril Victor Joseph 

Archdiocesan Communication Center

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Joseph Kumar
Joseph Kumar
Jan 11, 2020

Glad to enroll me in the mailing list.

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