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“Through the Blessing of the Oils, God Blesses us” says Archbishop Peter Machado.

Bangalore, 24th March 2021:For the spiritual benefit of the faithful, Most Rev. Dr Peter Machado, Archbishop of Bangalore celebrated the Chrism Massat St Francis Xavier Cathedral, Cleveland Town, at 5:30 pm on Wednesday evening. Over 150 Archdiocesan and religious priests working in the Archdiocese took part in this solemn celebration along with few lay faithful. The Covid standard operating procedures were strictly observed throughout the Eucharistic celebration.

At the beginning of his homily, Archbishop Peter recalled the postponement of Chrism Mass last year as Covid 19 rapidly spread across the country and world at large. He thanked God very profusely for the opportunity given to fulfill the celebration of Chrism Mass which is celebrated every year ahead of the Holy Week. This Mass is one of the principal expressions of the fullness of the Bishop’s priesthood and it signifies the close unity of the priests with him. During this Mass, Archbishop blesses Chrism oil and other oils used during the administering of sacraments.

The blessing and use of the Oils in the administration of sacraments is not for the power or position but for the service of the people of God especially to those who are poor, oppressed, diseased and captives.

This year being the Year of St Joseph, Father of the Poor, the Archbishop highlighted the virtues of St Joseph as elucidated on various instances of Bible where St Joseph was meek and humble, always hesitant to be in the limelight. The prelate said that St Joseph is a model for the priests. Though he was not an ordained priest, he’s the best model for priests.

Continuing his homily, Archbishop Machado went on to shed light on the qualities of St Joseph. “St Joseph is the man of responsibility. Secondly, he is the best example for shadow responsibility. Pope Francis uses the word “Shadow Father”. Today, how many of us would like to be shadow fathers? We always like to be in limelight, presenting and making ourselves known to the public… St Joseph always put Mother Mary first. He, as a man of the family, could have asserted his power but he chose to remain behind the curtains, paving way for Mother Mary.” Archbishop added.

The Metropolitan Archbishop said that this is a special time for priests of the Archdiocese; as they come together in order to feel the flavour and the presence of the community of the priests together. Those who are not here today will surely miss this experience that we are together as the Church, the Body and the Archdiocese.

At the close of the celebration Archbishop Peter Machado released a manual that is helpful for the Holy Week celebrations. The entire Chrism Mass was live-streamed on the Bangalore Archdiocese YouTube Channel and the link can be found here:

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