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World day of the Poor coincides the distribution of new homes for flood victims in Ballari Diocese

Bellary, 16 November 2020: Thanks to the Archdiocese of Bangalore as some of the flood-affected families in the dioceses of North Karnataka continue to smile as they received their new homes. On Monday November 16 the new homes were handed over to the beneficiaries in the diocese of Ballari. Their hearts were filled with joy and gratitude immeasurable for the gift of shelter, as one of the basic necessities of a dignified human life. Last year, the disastrous floods in Northern Karnataka caused havoc, and as a result, many were left homeless with no shelter to lay their heads in.

Most Rev. Dr. Peter Machado, Archbishop of Bengaluru, after celebrating the Sunday mass for the specially - abled children as part of children’s day celebration, left to the Diocese of Bellary for the inauguration of newly built homes for the flood-affected families. Archbishop was cordially welcomed by Most Rev. Henry D’Souza, Bishop of Ballari, and some of the priests and religious of the diocese. Archbishop Machado presided over the Eucharist along with Bishop Henry D’Souza and other priests. He blessed the houses and distributed them to the flood-affected families in the presence of the local prelate and other priests and religious. Archbishop leading from the front denoted his role as not only the Metropolitan Archbishop of Bengaluru but also as the Chief Shepherd of the Church in Karnataka.

These houses were sponsored by various parishes and institutions in the Archdiocese of Bangalore. The Archdiocese of Bangalore itself sponsored 2 houses in Hospet and Antharangagi, while the Catholic Club, sponsored a house in Shaktinagar. Along with this, Resurrection Church, Indiranagar, Ascension Church, Da Costa Layout and Karnataka Jesuit Province have sponsored a house in Bellary and Mudbal respectively.

In his homily, the Metropolitan Archbishop stressed the need to reach out to the poor as Jesus did. He also drew an example from the day’s gospel passage and said, “As Jesus reached out and stretched to the cry of Bartimaeus, in the same, especially, in this World Day of the Poor, we need to give heed to the needs and supplications of the poor who live around us,” He urged everyone to reach out to the needy in our own little ways. Archbishop’s message reechoed the words of the Holy Father Pope Francis.

Pope Francis on the occasion of the World Day of the Poor said, “Don't forget: the poor are at the centre of the Gospel; the Gospel cannot be understood without the poor. The poor are in the same personality as Jesus, who being rich destroyed himself, made himself poor, made himself sin, the worst poverty. Poor people guarantee us eternal income and already allow us to enrich ourselves in love. The greatest weapon to fight poverty is to love poverty and the poor. At the end of life, in short, reality will be revealed: the world's fiction will set, according to which success, power, and money give meaning to existence, while loving, what we gave, will emerge as true wealth. Those things will fall, instead, love will emerge ".

On his way back, Archbishop Machado paid a courteous visit to Maski parish in Raichur district. Archbishop celebrated mass at Seva Sangama, the pastoral center of the Diocese of Gulbarga, where he encouraged priests, religious and seminarians who are actively involved in the missions.

The Prelate was accompanied by Rev. Fr. R. Balraj, Parish Priest of Resurrection Church, Indiranagar, Rev. Fr. Joseph Naveen, Director of BMSSS, Rev. Fr. Cyril Victor, Director of the Archdiocesan Communication Center, and Mr. Santhosh Sequeira. - Fr. Cyril Victor Joseph and Mr. Ajay Raj

The beneficiary families are :

  1. Mr. Selvaraj from Sriramulunagar, Hospet living with his wife and 3 children (2 girls & 1 boy). He works as a Driver. Their new home is donated by Archdiocese of Bangalore.

  2. Smt. Sunitha w/o Amarappa (late) residing at Anthararangi village, Maski Taluk, Raichur district residing with her with 2 children (1 girl & 1 boy). She lost her husband 20 years ago due to Ashtama. She is daily wage agriculture labour. Their new home is donated by Archdiocese of Bangalore.

  3. Mrs. Mariyamma w/o Subhash, residing at Radio Park, Ballari with her husband and 2 little children (2 boys). Her husband work in private office as an Attender. Their new home is donated by Resurrection Church, Indira Nagar, Ballari.

  4. Mr. Chourappa, residing at Siddartha nagar, Cantonment, Ballari with his wife. He is a driver on daily wage basis. He has 2 children (2 boys). Their new home is donated by Karnataka Jesuits Province, Bangalore.

  5. Mr. Sanna Jambanna from Yaragunta near Shakthi nagar, Raichur Dt living with his wife and 2 children (1 boy & 1 girl). He is coolie worker. Due to over flooding of Tungabadra river, they had lost their hut last year. Their new home is donated by Catholic club, Museum Road, Bangalore.

  6. Smt. Jyothi w/o Archappa (Late) residing Mudbal village, Maski Taluk, Raichur district residing with her 4 children (2 girls & 2 boys). She lost her husband 5 years ago in an road accident. Their new home is donated by Ascension church, D’coast layout, Bangalore.

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